Calls for Abstracts

Time in Care: The Temporality of Care Policy and Practices

24-26 June 2021, Cà Foscari University of Venice, Italy
DEADLINE 31 January
There is a need for an empirical and theoretical investigation and understanding of how time and temporality affect and are affected by care policies and care practice. The Transforming Care Conference 2020 will investigate in a global setting:
• How policies consider and shape time for care?
• How care professionals, caregivers and care receivers experience and perceive time in care relationships?
• How the regulation of time influences formal and informal care work?
• How time for care is being negotiated within care arrangements
• How care practices and policies change across historical time?
• How we can foresee care in the future?
• How is care affected in times of emergency and profound crisis?

We encourage contributions that investigate these themes in regards to early childhood education and care for children, care for adults with disabilities and long-term care for frail older people. Papers may address the perspective of time on a macro-, meso- as well as micro-level, and therefore involving the politics and policy level, but also organizational/provider and individual level decisions. We encourage contributions from around the world in order to exemplify how temporality in care differs in a global and perhaps comparative perspective. Historical analysis of care practices and policies are also welcome.