What topics about the grad school experience remain untold? University Affairs wants to hear from you

As we celebrate Grad Matters’ fifth birthday and look towards the future, our commitment remains true to the original principles. The articles continue to be focused on the experiences of students, domestic and international, who are studying across the country. As of 2021, the writers are exclusively graduate students or recent graduates who pitch the stories that reflect their interests. They are paid fairly for their contributions and they have copyright of the published material.

Finally, we offer comprehensive storytelling about the graduate experience, the happy stories and the elephants in the room (e.g., a forthcoming article on toxic research environments). In continuing our commitment to an informed decision process for graduate school, we continue to seek out writers across Canada.

What topics about the graduate school experience remain untold? How could you add to the ongoing conversation? If you are interested in being a contributor, please connect with us on LinkedIn or contact Tara Siebarth (UA Web Editor) to get in touch with us.